5 Best Floor Pillow In 2020 [Review & Guide]

Best Floor Pillow

There are tons of options available in the market for various age groups. Floor pillows are widely available in different sizes, height, designs, colors, and materials, and you can make your choice of best according to your requirements. Different floor pillows serve different purposes, so you should know enough to get the best pick for your living space. We have examined various floor pillows with enough information and research to give a kick start to your shopping journey.

Here is our list for the best floor pillows only for you to choose from. So, go ahead, read, and get your hands on the best one for yourself

Top 5 Best Floor Pillow Review and Buying Guide

1. Butterfly Craze kids floor pillow 

The butterfly Craze kids’ floor pillow is a soft, bouncy, and comfy floor pillow specially designed for kids. This pillow is exceptionally cross-functional, and it is very convenient in usage. It is made up of premium quality and delicate fabric materials, and it is suitable for all kinds of skin. So, if your kid is prone to skin allergy, you should opt for this pillow. It is light-weighted and easy to carry, unlike other inflatable beds or mattresses.

It is a multi-purpose floor pillow for kids that can be folded into a floor lounger seat, or it can be simply used as a pillow bed. Kids can easily use this cozy floor pillow for getting a relaxing nap time, can take it with them for sleepovers, etc. It is a perfect floor pillow for kids for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and family barbecues, etc. It is a great floor pillow for indoor as well; kids can comfortably sit or lay on it while watching their favorite cartoon or TV program, or while reading or studying, and it will add extra comfort to their playtime.

This pillow has an attractive design that goes perfectly with a star-themed bedroom or playroom. The high-quality fabric makes it fade-resistant, therefore it stays fresh as new. Its cleaning and washing procedure are quite simple, and its machine watchable. The package includes premium quality cover only and can fit five of your pillows under it, and pillows are not included. It is available in queen size and king size. The queen size fits five queen-sized pillows and measures 26″ in width and 88″ in length. The king-size fits five king size pillows and measures 32″ in width and 88″ in length. Both sizes are suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults.


  • Brand: Butterfly Craze
  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.4 x 3.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.46 pounds

 Key Features:

2. HIGOGOGO Bohemian Floor Cushion

This super-soft floor pillow is a comfortable floor cushion with bohemian style and color, having a touch of tribal culture, which doesn’t just add beauty to your bedroom or living room, but offers some diverse yet useful benefits. It is made up of smooth cotton linen fabric with mid filling of PP cotton fabric, which makes it highly comfortable yet appealing, with a rebound effect. This pillow will put your lower body at ease while sitting and lying down. This floor pillow is large enough with a size of 22×22 inches, having a thickness of about 8 to 10 cm, and can be used as a meditation pillow, and its square shape will make you easily practice a great meditation to recharge your mind and body. This pillow is a Japanese floor pillow that can be used as a yoga pad or tatami cushion whenever needed.

Moreover, you can simply use this soft floor cushion to enjoy your leisure time, to watch a movie, or just use it to spend some quality time with your friends, family, and kids. It is a soft, smooth, and handy floor pillow, which is far much better than traditional rugs or mats. This pillow is also able to make you feel warm and cozy during winter nights. This floor cushion comes in a compressed package, so wait for 10 seconds after opening to let it recover its thickness.

The part best of this product the brand’s superior customer satisfaction; you can get a replacement and even refund upon your dissatisfaction without any explanations or queries. You can use this floor pillow for adding some vibrancy to your existing living space. It is available in 8 different colors; Boho coffee, Elephant Black, flower, Navy Black, Plaid, Stripe Blue, Stripe Red, and Turquoise, you can choose the one complements your interior. It is suitable for almost all areas of our house, such as the living room, bedroom, and indoor, outdoor, and garden area.


  • Brand: HIGOGOGO
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 20.8 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.05 pounds

 Key Features:

3. Jazz Pillow Saxx 5.5 foot huge bean bag floor pillow

This jazz pillow is a giant floor pillow with a height of 5.5 feet. It is made up of 100 percent Polyester micro suede cover, which makes it ultra-smooth and comfy. It is a huge bean bag that can serve multiple purposes; it can be used as a crash pad on the floor, and it will give you a massive space for lying down comfortably, or you can use it as a comfy chair against a wall to have a pain free sitting experience, or you can just turn it on its side and lounge like a hammock. It is an excellent choice for you if you like getting a variety in your lounging options. It can easily mold around you to make you easy in every position.

 It can be easily stored under a table or bed when not needed, which is a plus point for the space-efficient organization. The stuffing inside this giant floor pillow is filled with shredded polyurethane foam, covered in a removable, moisture resistant nylon inner liner and a machine-washable cover, with an efficient zipper, which makes it easy to use and clean, effortlessly. The liner also comes assembled, which prevents foam mess, zip up, and use.

The brand offers a 100 percent one year guarantee, which is another benefit of purchasing this product. This giant floor pillow is available in black, camel, charcoal, chocolate, cinnabar, Navy, Premium Luxe Fur- mountain fox, Premium Luxe Fur- Red Fox, and Premium Luxe Fur- Silver Fox colors. You can pick a color according to your preference and make yourself incredibly relaxed by using this huge bean bag floor.


  • Brand: Jaxx Bean Bags
  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 15 x 44 inches
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds

 Key Features:

4. Ohnanana kids floor Pillow Bed covers 

Ohnanana kids’ floor Pillows Bed cover is a soft plush floor pillow bed cover. It can be used for various purposes for your kids; you can use it as a lounger seat, like a sleepover mattress, as a Nap Mat, as a bed on the floor, as a playing mat, and many more, you just need to be creative in using it in for various purposes.

The package comes with a soft and machine-washable bed cover, without pillows. It comes in a queen size with a measurement of 26 inches of width and 88 inches in length. Its usage is straightforward and easy, you just need to load your five queen size pillows straight into the back pockets, and zip up, and it is done.

This plush floor pillow bed cover is specially designed for kids, and it’s every color will attract every kid at the very first glance. It can be stored in a compressed form, which makes it convenient to store and makes it travel-friendly. It is available in fourteen attractive colors and prints; blue dino b, blue star, camouflage, Fuchsia polka, hot pink, light blue, mint green, orange dinosaur, pink check, pink polka, purple polka, red polka, red star, and small stripe. You should choose the best according to your kid’s gender, age, room decor and theme, and likenesses.


  • Brand: Ohnanana
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.1 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

 Key Features:

5. Butterfly Craze Girls Flower Floor pillow

Butterfly Craze Girls Flower Floor pillow is a multipurpose seating cushion for kids. It is a beautifully designed floor cushion in a flower shape. It is an ideal floor pillow to place in your kid’s room or playroom. This decorative pillow is an excellent cushioning for ground, couches, bed, reading books, and watching TV, etc. It is much more comfortable and pleasant for your kid’s body than your typical conventional carpets or rugs. It offers on the spot cleaning with a damp cloth upon getting any nominal dirt, and machine wash are recommended for complete cleaning.

This pillow is a large floor pillow for kids having 35 inches of diameter. It comes in two sizes, medium size with 20 inches of diameter and large size with 35 inches of diameter. It is available in many vibrant colors; blue, green, pink, hot pink, and purple. The ultra-soft microfiber of this floor pillow is very pleasant to touch, yet sturdy enough to retain its shape and quality. This cute flower shaped floor cushion offers exceptional style and solid solidarity to match your needs.


  • Brand: Butterfly Craze
  • Product Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.63 pounds

 Key Features:

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Floor Pillow

Floor pillows help you in adding a unique depth, texture, beauty, and dimension to your home or room. It provides many health benefits by providing a smooth and soft surface for sitting and laying down and also create instant additional creative seating options in your living spaces. The few listed below factors are crucial for your understanding before making your final purchase decision.

Investing in the right floor pillow for floor seating is a great and unique way to add a style to the interior of your house, living room, or bedroom. There are a lot of good reasons to get your hands on your best floor pillow. The best floor pillows will not only add style to your home, but it will also add functionality to your living spaces. It will help you in creating an idyllic environment for having some great time with friends, family, and your loved ones. You can even spend some relaxing me-time by sitting on a pillow.

It will help you in creating some extra seating space for hosting your guest with full hospitality, and it will save you when you run out of seating space. Floor pillows are very handy and don’t require a lot in getting it in or out, unlike chairs. Floor pillows don’t take much space in your house and can be easily stored anywhere.

Moreover, it will also add a beautiful decor and live to your home. You can fill up your empty floor spaces with decorative floor pillows. The best floor pillow will provide you a casual seating arrangement, which you can use for a great meditation session or where you can play various board games or watch a movie with your family and friends.

Consider the Right Material:

Floor pillows come in various materials such as polyester, latex, silk, microfiber, cotton, etc. Always consider the material that suits you and your lifestyle and pick the one that perfectly meets your comfort need and a buying decision accordingly.

Consider Usage Purpose: 

Always keep in mind your purpose of buying and using a floor pillow, before considering any floor pillow. You should always take into account various health issues, such as orthopedic and back-related issues. If you are looking for a floor pillow for relaxation, then you must pick the one which is ultra-soft and soothing, or if you like to have a sturdy option, then you must opt tighter stuffing option.

Consider the Right Size:

Floor pillows are widely available in many sizes, such as king-size, queen size, and standard size. Always choose according to your usage and the available space. Always get the one that can easily adjust to your particular requirement.

Final Wrapping

Now, that you have read the entire article about best floor pillow, you know that floor seating is not just comfortable and relaxing, but it is also good for you for many reasons such as to serve comfort to your health issues or to add style to the decor of your living room or bedroom.

You should choose a pillow that helps and resolves your specific needs. We have developed this essential buying guide in an attempt to provide you all the relevant information regarding the best floor pillows purchase so that you can choose the best among all.

Happy shopping!

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