Can I Bring A Seat Cushion On An Airplane?

Can I Bring A Seat Cushion On An Airplane

Traveling by plane to be long, strenuous and exhausting. You have to spend a long time in a sitting position which can be very uncomfortable.

How many times have you just gotten off a plane with severe back pain? You can prevent this by carrying an airplane seat cushion with you and that is completely allowed. 

So if you travel often by plane and if you travel long distances, especially in economy class, be sure to consider buying an airplane seat cushion.

What do you need to take into account when buying an airplane seat cushion?

Look for your seat cushion to have an ergonomic wedge structure. Because an ergonomic wedge structure helps disperse the weight of your body evenly over the whole cushion. And as a result, it helps align your spine in a healthy manner and promotes good posture.

Try to find a seat cushion that fits your height, some small seat cushions will not suit tall people and this can be a big problem and can be more uncomfortable.

Try to find an airplane seat cushion that is filled with memory foam, because the thick foam compresses just the right amount and provides support for the spine, hips, and tailbone.

Make sure you find a seat cushion that is lightweight and can be easily folded for easy transportation.

From time to time, you might find cheaper cushions that don’t allow for their covers to be removed. While they might seem like a good deal, chances are you will spend even more money on those over time as you will not be able to wash them.

Instead, get a seat cushion that has a cover and can be easily removed as well as machine-washed. That way – especially combined with a memory foam filling – you will be able to use the cushion for a very long time. 

Also having a backrest can provide comfort not only for the seat itself, but also for the seat back which often tends to be quite hard in economy class.

Most cushions that feature a backrest come in two separate pieces: one that goes behind your back and one that you sit on.


While there are many ways to enjoy a long flight, the main thing you can do is increase your seat comfort. So seriously consider buying an airplane seat cushion, in addition to the trip will be much more comfortable, you will do a lot of good for your spine.

Back pain will disappear and if you do not have them, it will prevent their appearance, or a seat cushion will support your back and there will be no permanent damage to your spine.

The easiest way to do so is, of course, by picking the right seat – whether that means aisle or window for you. Things you can do to further increase your comfort is getting an inflatable footrest and an airplane seat cushion.

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