How Do You Make A Meditation Cushion?

How Do You Make A Meditation Cushion

Long sitting while practicing yoga can be a huge effort for us, especially if we are not in shape and if we are not used to long sitting.

The exercises we have to perform when practicing yoga can be a real challenge for us. Especially if you are not experienced, you may initially feel pain in your legs, back and other parts of the body. 

What has helped me a lot personally, and I am sure it will help you too, are the meditation cushions. Meditation cushions are specially designed for practicing yoga and will provide perfect support to your body during the performance of exercises.

Types of the Meditation cushion

Right at the beginning, we have to classify the meditation cushion into two types, the first is the original type of meditation cushions and these are those pillows made of kusha grass. They are filled with kasha grass.

This herb has been proven to have an extremely calming effect on our body and is perfect for yoga. The second type is modern meditation cushions that can be made of different materials and serve solely to support your body during exercise.

The modern way of life creates certain burdens and pressures on our body and mind, and thus our health. So we must not forget that this way of life is no longer in harmony with nature and a healthy natural lifestyle without stress.

Our way of life has changed for the worse. It’s about diet, and movement, and the way we earn for our own needs today, and even how we sit or sleep. 

Some of us have become aware of these difficulties and are trying to recommend ways to alleviate the difficulties of modern life and the price we pay for it. For some of us, unfortunately, the first warning will come only in the form of illness, because we simply do not have time to listen to advice and listen to the needs of our own body.

The energy lounger and meditation pillow are especially recommended for everyone who practices yoga, wellness, business people, the elderly, people with allergies to artificial materials, athletes and simply anyone who has the following ailments and problems:

  •     Stress
  •     Energy imbalance
  •     Permanent fatigue
  •     Decreased immunity
  •     Suppressed emotions – blockage of energy flow

The energy lounger and meditation cushion are especially recommended for people who need:

  •     Energy recovery
  •     Relaxation
  •     Balance, balance
  •     Better energy flow
  •     Regeneration
  •     Deeper rest


As we mentioned earlier, if you practice yoga, or have given up yoga before because of back pain and other body parts caused by yoga exercises, then you definitely need to consider buying a meditation cushion. 

These pillows are not difficult to make, so if you have the knowledge, time and patience, you can make these meditation cushions at home. But we definitely advise you to buy a meditation cushion because ready-made pillows have specific dimensions and are designed to make it easier for you. 

Exercise, whether you will succeed and yourself is questionable. In any case, if you decide to make meditation cushions, these are the standard.

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This is Veronica Lim founder of I am an exporter of the cushion. I have researched on the importance of the cushion. That’s why I have decided to share my experience with others. My main target is to help the people who are really health conscious as well as passionate to stay fit all the time.

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