How to Clean Car Cushion?

How to Clean Car Cushion

As far as I know, purchasing a car is a big investment for you. Although, a new car is usually a fantastic look because it is clean and beautiful. Keep in mind, happiness with a new car is not lasting forever. Surely it will get messy as well as dirty in the car. If you would like to have the seat of your car in good shape then you must need this object to know details.

Are you in a miscalculation that how to clean car cushion? Of course, it is important to know as a car owner. If you want to maintain a perfect appearance, it is most important to keep them clean. I hope that this article will help to give proper guidance and advice on how to clean your car seat cushion and interior. Here I have shown some several easy ways never thought these before.

How to clean car cushion as a professional cleaner:

  • We are highly recommending you to use a brush extension which will ensure bright cleaning to remove the most difficult dust.
  • To clean your cushion you can use baking soda that will remove oil and other cling dust from the car seat cushion.
  • You can use an air compressor to remove dirt from the cushion’s foam.
  • Dry naturally tour cushion before sitting down again
  • You also can clean your cushion more naturally from your home. You just open the cushion’s cover and melt some detergent powder in the water, wait 10 minutes throwing the cover in water then wash easily.  
  • If your time is short, you use the washing machine for cleaning your cushion.


This article shows the easy process of cleaning the cushion. It is an important idea of owners of the car who don’t know what method should follow to get a dazzling cushion, not to buy a new one. Hopefully, you will achieve more knowledge of cleaning the cushion. 

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