How to make a meditation cushion?

How to make a meditation cushion

The meditation cushion is one of the most important things for both meditation beginners or professionals. Who doesn’t love to have a meditation cushion at their studio?In order to make a perfect reflection, you sit a long period of time. For this, you must need a meditation cushion. Now you probably think about how to make a meditation cushion, it very simple. To make the best meditation cushion yourself is not too difficult. You just choose the fabric, size, type as well as the amount of filling providing you a perfect customized cushion. 

In addition to that, Buying a meditation cushion that can’t be suitable for you what style you want. It is the best way if you would like to make a cushion by yourself, you have to know some important process of making it. I have included some informative information on how to make a meditation cushion these you didn’t know yet.

How to make a meditation cushion to be a professional

First of all, you choose the best quality fabric it depends on how long your cushion gives service. To gather the idea of fabric you must do some research on fabric. Select thick cotton works well, pretty colors and patterns can only help. 

Cut properly three pieces

59 inches long one strip of fabric and 6 to 9 inches wide. Dedicate this based on how high the size you want the cushion of turn out. 

11 to 13  inches in diameter two circles of fabric. You can use a plate to trace the circles on the fabric.You have to mark on the wrong side of the fabric where your plates will go. Draw three makes and stat 6.5 inches from the left edge and 75 inches from each other.  

Perfectly you fold your pleats so the 1st and 3rd marks are overlapping. Before preparing pin and iron your plates as flat as possible. Sew supremely as you can. When once it’s all sewn up then flip it right-side-out, fill it up and sew shut the opening that was left. 

You also can include zippers if you like. Enjoy more with your brand new custom-made meditation cushion. 


It is over-sure that this article will give an exact solution on how to make the best meditation cushions. Anyone can make their home-made meditation cushion to follow this review. Prove yourself as an expert in making one.  

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