What Is The Most Comfortable Bike Seat?

What Is The Most Comfortable Bike Seat

Riding bike is not only fun but healthy too. In a survey, we got to know that the people who ride a bike are healthier than the people who walk. Anyway, if you are already a bike rider and planning to get a new bike seat by replacing your old uncomfortable seat then you must read this before buying bike seat cushion or other words saddle.

6 Things to know before you buy

Acknowledge your riding type

The different rider with a different style thus, the bike seat has to be correct as per the riding type. Basically, there are 6 types like Recreational Cycling, Road Cycling, Mountain biking, bike touring, bike commuting. So, know which type of riding you do and choose accordingly.

Pick the type of bike seat

Generally, there are two types of bike seats or saddle, Performance seat & Cushioning seat. Performance seats are mainly used for mountain bikes and touring bikes. On the other hand, cushioning seats are for recreational cycling and cruising.

Choose the Cushioning you prefer

As you know that the different cushioning provides a different type of comfort, you must choose the most comfortable one as per your riding. The nut we must let you know that there are 2 types of cushioning. Gel cushioning, Foam cushioning or No cushioning,

Decide whether you like a center cutout or not

The as different rider has a different preference, few don’t like perineal cutout but many others are there who find it comfortable as he perineum and providing airflow and comfort during long rides and other advantages too.

Consider the material

Choosing your bike seat is one of the vital things because, choosing the right material will provide a better experience, long-life and especially comfort. You will find material like Synthetic, Leather, and Cotton.

Ending up with the correct size

Lastly, selecting the correct size the one most important task while buying a bike seat.  You must choose the optimum seat cushion as your body size.

Few tips to remember

We would like to provide you some tips which might provide you while selecting your new bike seat. As you are replacing your bike seat with your old ones, you must point out the reasons why the old one isn’t comfortable and make sure you choose the one which doesn’t have the same problems. Changing the bike seat might change in the height too, so pick the correct one.


We have tried our best to help you out with this. We have gathered all the information for your betterment. So, buying a bike seat cushion won’t be difficult anymore! Go and grave your one.

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This is Veronica Lim founder of Cushionpicks.com. I am an exporter of the cushion. I have researched on the importance of the cushion. That’s why I have decided to share my experience with others. My main target is to help the people who are really health conscious as well as passionate to stay fit all the time.

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