When Should You Start Using A Pregnancy Pillow?

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow

Are you a woman expecting a child? Then a comfortable sleep is no less important than a walk in the fresh air and a balanced diet.

However, the reality is often different, when you are in an advanced pregnancy your belly has grown and it is extremely difficult to find a comfortable position for your body to sleep. 

What can help you a lot is a comfortable pillow for pregnant women, specially designed to help you fit in as comfortably as possible in bed, and they can also be used for breastfeeding when you give birth.

So, in this article, we will bring you some benefits of pregnancy pillows as well as tips on how to choose a pregnancy pillow.

Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

The reasons why sleep is disturbed in pregnant women can be divided into two groups.

The first psychological factor is associated with the onset of a new, unknown and exciting stage in life, fear of impending change, and an unstable state of mind. 

The second involves physiological causes that become more significant as the fetus grows and the body enlarges. In addition, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a comfortable resting position.

Sleeping on your back is undesirable due to excessive pressure of the enlarged uterus on internal organs, which can lead to circulatory disorders. And lying on your stomach is not only quite difficult but also very dangerous for future children. 

Often the cause of insomnia is the movement of the fetus, especially if the mother is in an awkward position, blocking access to oxygen.

Lightweight, large pillows must have an acceptable portable weight so that they can be easily moved around the house and used for their intended purpose.

Hypoallergenic, certified synthetic fillers have no odor, do not emit phenols and other harmful substances. These even do not accumulate moisture, do not create steam and mold, mites do not start.

The solid polystyrene filler creates a solid base that exactly matches the shape of your body. Often, most pregnant women experience discomfort during sleep because they cannot take their favorite position “on their back” or “on their stomach”. 

A pillow with polystyrene beads will help partially solve this problem. Moreover, such a pillow will allow the whole group of muscles to relax at once, precisely because of its rigidity.

Today you can find several forms of pregnancy pillows, so we have: boomerang-shaped pillows, L-shaped pillow, U-shaped pillow. And each has its advantages. So consider this when choosing a pregnancy pillow.

How to choose a pregnancy pillow?

Here are some tips:

  1. Focus on your height the higher the growth, the bigger the pillow.
  2. Focus on functionality, think about where you intend to use it most often, and choose the most optimal form based on it:
  3. If you do not have a lot of free space, choose a more compact pillow. If there is enough space, then be guided by your own comfort without looking at the size of the pillow.


What does a future mother need for the normal development of the child, apart from nutrition, fresh air and good nutrition? Of course, healthy sleep and quality rest.

Everyone knows how every pregnant woman suffers when she tries to tie her belly more comfortably – putting a blanket under herself, then a pillow, or hugging with blanket legs. 

This problem does not disappear even after the birth of a child – while feeding, comfort is equally important. Pillows for pregnant women have been created to help future mothers.

So do not regret the money and buy a pillow for pregnant women, you will be grateful to us, but be sure to choose a pregnancy pillow that best suits you and your needs.

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